film crisis

God i have seen so many brilliant films lately, i can’t seem to find one single film to watch… so i have resulted to rewatching all the disney pixar movies which i am not complaining about but after watching wolf of wall street,12 years a slave, american hustle, gravity, her, dallas buyers club and saving mr banks. its safe to say such films fed my filmic being and have now left me wanting to not ruin such an amazing streak.. disney is my best bet. it never gets old and it’s still intellectually fulfilling. so anyone please help me out? any suggestions for something unconventional to watch… i do warn you i have seen a lot of movies, so steer clear of the standard. usual suspects, shawshank, forest gump, seven, ect. are big no no’s. 


Can I just start off by saying this film is not only a comment on our modern world but a beautifully crafted and wonderfully written piece of cinema. It has philosophical values but it is in itself a love story.

It is essentially about a man who falls in love with a new type of operating system ‘Samantha’ is Joaquin Phoenix’s indivual selected voice, through and ear piece and a portable camera the operating system can see and hear everything that happens, voiced by Scarlet Johanson ‘Samantha’ is flirty, caring and in a sense very human. Whilst falling in love with his OS, Theodore is getting divorced from his childhood sweetheart.

Not only is Joaquin’s gentle portrayal of Theodore key to the brilliance of the film, but Spike Jonze’s creation is understated in it’s writing and directing. He has the ability to create moments of silence that evoke a breathy emotion, where you seem to understand why this man is falling madly in love with what simply is a voice… alongside it’s theme of loneliness and self obsession it asks do we all not need to really touch a hand or kiss a cheek to fall in love in this modern day world, without spoiling much more and getting over excited everyone and anyone should watch this film.

Saving Mr. Banks

So i’m taking this small amount of text to spread my appreciation for the film Saving Mr Banks, what a delightful film… if it had been released later in the year and not in real competition of the brilliance that is twelve years a slave,the glamorous American Hustle (Jennifer Lawrence is sublime), Dallas Buyers Club (Matthew McConaughey has come back in force) and obviously my boy Leo’s Wolf of Wall Street. I believe that it has become a tiny fish in a rather large pond, or an amazing film battling with some of the best films to be released in a while. The parralells the story makes between Travers the writer of Mary poppins, and the much loved disney classic is beautiful in every way. i’m most certainly facinated by the person who is Walt Disney and how he has had such influence on the world in every single way, especially when i was a child Disney was classic, spell binding and just indescribable. To grow up watching a mermaid talk to a singing crab or a fawn talk to a skunk was simply magical especially as i have always loved animals.

But Mary Poppins has always remained my favourite live action film out of the Disney classic, such an edearing story and this film depicts how Walt and his team entice Travers to give them the rights to Mary Poppins and create her in all her glory, all i’m saying is Tom Hanks is disney which is amazing all together and Emma Thompsons portrayal of Traver’s, a women who likes nothing until they seem to capture her imagination during ‘Lets go fly a kite’. Whats not to love, as an audience we get to relive every spoonful of sugar that made mary poppins go down.

Simply magical, Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious 

so i just realised that this sexy piece of male is James Franco’s beautiful sibling, such a hottie mmmmmmmmmmmm

so i just realised that this sexy piece of male is James Franco’s beautiful sibling, such a hottie mmmmmmmmmmmm

Short Blog. Now watching All Good Things

So i’m watching the film ‘All Good Things’ and it makes me wonder, why are we so fascinated by films about real people… is it because it gives us an insight into a killers mind or is it just the fact that we are witnessing something based on real life unlike the classical Hollywood narrative (highly fictional and never that realistic). this film especially based on Robert Durst portrayed by Ryan Gosling; who portrays a suspected schizophrenic with deep control issues brilliantly. Gosling seems to be good at both ends of the spectrum, gorgeous for those romance movies but skilled as an actor to play this character and his role in Drive springs to mind too. But the film itself is haunting… with the music reminiscent of Hitchcock’s early thrillers. I think for me its because its based on true events and real people. It’s a strange film but quite an interesting, thought provoking watch. Hence me writing this short blog. 

“You clearly don’t know who you’re talking to, so let me clue you in. I am not in danger, Skyler. I am the danger. A guy opens his door and gets shot, and you think that of me? No! I am the one who knocks”

See ya later pal, Its been exhilarating.

So i’m going to do the stereotypical thang and write a big fat analytical blog about breaking bad and how utterly brilliant it is. Anyone who disagrees with this long piece of writing can suck it as far as i’m concerned, sorry that was a little aggressive. sorry. please read on because this is gonna be interesting :)

i’m not going to do this chronologically because that would generally prove difficult for me as this blog is more a scattering of my mind on a digital page.

So Walt went after the Schwartz, Gray Matter Technologies couple and its safe to say Heisenberg really did return in all his genius glory, he practically scared the shit out of them without having to lay a finger on them. just complete and utter psychological warfare thats what i would call it, because of the ‘hit men'  threat they will live in fear which is pretty much what Heisenberg made people do, live in complete fear. fearing what would happen if they would ever have to face him. it was a perfect ending to that chapter.


the best part of all of this scene was when Walt returned to the car with his ‘hit men’ and as they revealed their masks it turned out to be Badger and Skinny Pete, what a brilliant cameo to make you laugh. Vince Gilligan’s seriously a writing genius for putting that tiny little sprinkle of gold dust in there. 


Now for Walt’s meeting with Skyler, finally he admitted he did it for him, he admitted it was the cancer and being at deaths door that spurred him to do it he wanted to feel ‘alive’ and he said he did which for some reason i felt happy that he got to feel alive for the better part of four seasons before his demise. In this scene not only to his admittance of this and the part where he sees baby holly, it seems for a split second (maybe not in your mind but in mine) that he has regained some of his humanity he is no longer Heisenberg in this scene he is Walter White the chemistry teacher and i’m glad i got to experience the good in him as he stroked hollys head lovingly. it was almost like he was saying good bye to the old Walt as he walked the plank to his inevitable death.

Moving swiftly on to the final scene with Uncle Jack, What a brilliant way to slaughter Jack and his crew of wrongerns, than with Heisenberg style intelligence, evil yet so clever. Once the machine gun popped out and Walt saves Jesse’s life by diving onto him, I loved that when it was over Jesse didn’t even think about killing Todd it was instinctive which was brilliant for Jesse’s character, a slow painful death Todd received and i couldn’t have thought of anyone better to dish it out.  

Walt killing Jack was also a special moment, It was brutal but he was one evil man so i think the fact Walt never let him finish his sentence was perfect, and it had that exciting shock effect for the audience. Breaking Bad blow your brains out style!

I’m so pleased that Jesse got away because he was never an evil character although he could have let Heisenbergs evil rub off on him but he was always the light at the end of the tunnel for breaking bad. 

I felt like after Walt said that cooking meth and becoming Heisenberg was all really for himself, i thought it was fitting for him to die where he said he felt ‘alive’. a cleverly devised metaphor in my eyes. Him dying in the meth lab previously stroking the equipment before collapsing on the floor to die.


So yes breaking bad was a crowd pleaser but i don’t care, there were some genius, creative, utterly riveting moments. Goodbye Breaking Bad you have been good to be. 

Lonely, Sad, Love.

i watched crazy, stupid, love last night and its left me in a slightly depressive hole. Why do i feel so fucking lonely? yes there is now i trace on the internet of how miserable i am. Why can’t someone tell me that i’m the perfect combination of sexy and cute? is that too much to ask?

Haha, i sound ever so sad but maybe this is why i always say i hate rom coms from a ‘media’ perspective, they have no depth for those film goers who have simple minds but it is really because i hate that they make me feel kind of shit about my sad life afterwards and they only give you false hope for that prince charming character or that your friend with benefits will fall in love with you. Oh dear, looks like my FILM BLOG yes i repeat FILM BLOG is becoming a personal rant diary again but atleast i’m comparing my problems to films or speaking about films its not all complete gibberish about my life.

So maybe now i’ll just sit and watch the notebook and cry because it is highly unlikely that a man who is a bird if i’m a bird is going to write me a letter everyday for a year just because he wants to tell me he loves me and would go as far as to build a house with white shutters and a porch all the way around so i can paint. Oh how i love you Noah. 

neglected, sorry.

So once again i’ve been shite and haven’t blogged for days, but now i’ve returned to my lonely student life. i won’t neglect ya babe.